JJL Clean Services (3)

In 2010 JJL was created by Lia McCollum, through her knowledge and vast experience in the cleaning services area, starting her own business after acquiring more and more customers with its services provided. 

We are currently a company specialized in several services in addition to the cleaning area due to the demand and constant growing number of customers and opportunities that have arisen with the relationships created over a decade, always with a lot of professionalism and knowledge, serving customers in the public and private spheres in its most diverse types of establishments, working in offices, utility stores, public facilities, vehicle agencies, restaurants and the most diverse types of businesses. Also working with painting services, handyman and a range of activities beyond cleaning, with unrivaled quality.

 We have a team that trains and seeks to serve our range of customers as efficiently as possible daily, offering a customer service with excellence and at your disposal to answer any questions, schedule a service or solve any problem. We are open and waiting for your contact, hire the cleaning service company that grows the most every day!

JJL Cleaning Services Inc.